Viking Cycle Gear Impressed Me Again

Just when I thought it didn’t get any better than leather Viking Cycle Gear proved me wrong! Their Ironborn Motorcycle Textile Jacket is every bit as warm and protective as my leather has ever been. 46 degrees in Wisconsin today and this removable liner kept me nice and toasty for the 100 miles I was on the road.

The jacket is full of fun surprises in the features department! There are 3 ways to adjust the size of the sleeves for a perfect fit, and the waist pulls tight with velcro straps as well. There is armor in the elbow and back areas of the jacket for added skid plate protection in case you don’t keep the rubber side down. Other safety features include reflective stripes on the arms and shoulders, and it is available in a “safety green” color. This jacket is completely wind and water proof with plenty of vents for the warmer dryer days. Pockets, pockets, and more pockets! Who even needs saddle bags with a coat like this?! There are the front 2 pockets like any other jacket, then above those are 2 pockets made for phone/media players and have a place to run your earbuds through to inside the coat where there are small clips to hold the wires in place. On the inside of the jacket there are pockets for earbuds, pens, sunglasses, and even one big enough to hold a tablet! I believe 12 pockets over all. Each zipper is surrounded by a rubber type material for reinforcement and weather protection and the zipper pulls are covered by a plastic piece to prevent unzipping in the wind. At $85.00 I really don’t see how you can go wrong with this item, I haven’t found anything negative to say about it honestly….give one a try Christmas is just around the corner!!!

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