Day 1 of my 3 day tour …Im like the highway version of Gilligan out here entertaining myself. 

Memorial weekend every year I take a ride on my bike. Not just a ride and not just any ride. I pick a state or direction or sometimes even a destination or just a road. Next I point my motorcycle in that general direction and depending on the weather sometimes I make it there, other times I may turn to avoid the weather or simply because I find something I must explore and I end up somewhere completely different than where I had headed out to go. 

A while back I read an article about the top 10 best motorcycle roads in the US. I have been on 7 of those 10 and 2 of the 3 that I haven’t been on are in Arkansas. This years Memorial Weekend ride is aimed at Arkansas and the weekend starts today. 

I began my day racing a cow somewhere on a back road through the driftless hills of Wisconsin. 

Now there is something you don’t hear and I don’t say every day! …yes he is on the wrong side of the fence, guess he’s seeing if the grass really is greener?! 

It was a beautiful morning somewhere in the 60Ā° range a little patchy fog, a few clouds, and  blue sky showing through.    After 45 minutes of enjoying this, I interrupted my morning with seven hours of work at the office. As luck would have it my last patient of the day canceled so I got to check out early on a Friday to leave for the long weekend! Sun was shining all day and it was beautiful! ….Right up until that part where it was time for me to head out on the bike! The clouds rolled in and the rain fell down… BUT the ride must go on! So I suited up in my 10 year old rain gear, which currently has more miles on it than most of my buddy’s motorcycles, and down the road I went with complete confidence that I would not melt. Needless to say the first hour of the ride was a little damp.  After 60 or 70 miles the sun came out and the world was right! This was shortly before I entered into my First of 2 100 MPH states I’ll be traveling through this weekend.  I have nothing against Iowa, a lot of the state is filled with rolling hills and valleys not to mention the entire eastern side is bordered by the Mighty Mississippi. There are several motorcycle friendly venues in Iowa such as J&P Cycles (excellent retailer of aftermarket motorcycle parts) they hold a weekend rally every June. There is a motorcycle museum not far down the road and just down from the museum is Scooters bar which is conveniently located next to the Animosa Motorcycle Hillclimb. These and several other things make Iowa a state worth visiting. 

However, this particular trip is not the time for me to stop and see the sights. This particular trip is the time where I am simply traveling through because that’s what I must do to get from Wisconsin to any other state west of the Mississippi.

On trips like this Iowa is simply lumped into the category of 100 MPH states. Meaning that no matter what part of the state you’re in or what highway you’re on or which direction you’re heading you see absolutely no reason in the world why you shouldn’t just be able to set your speedometer at 100 and push the go button.  These are the states you look at on the map and try your damnedest to go around, make disappear, and quite possibly just close your eyes and pretend they aren’t there. Without them you can just get where it is you are going without the extra travel time, traffic, and gas money. 

As always I made the best of my 100 MPH state, even kept it under 100 for a change. I played the “look mom no hands” game for several miles. Of course like most things that grew tiresome quickly and I decided maybe it was time to relax a little. I came to the conclusion that people don’t actually need recliners if they have a Streetglide…I couldn’t help but feel that capturing this photo with the radio playing “Rockin down the Highway ” by The Doobie Brothers was ridiculously awesome timing on my part given that that is precisely what I was doing .  The final hours of my day were spent chasing the sunset, admiring the views, and grinning ear to ear that I’m out here for the next 2 days with the love of my life! 

(Just so there’s no confusion, my bike is the love of my life) I pulled in a little early tonight with 427 miles on for the day and hopes that tomorrow turns out to be as wonderful as today! Good night boys and girls I hope you enjoyed my adventure! There will be more tomorrow! 

Jessie Lee’s Open-Road Lifestyle

IMG_5838Hi! I’m Jessie, avid motorcyclist, mile collector self-diagnosed with wanderlust, Mom of 1, Dental Hygienist, Bartender, & soon to be Author! Here to help you explore life on 2 wheels!

If I have to explain you wouldn’t understand… over the years I’ve found this is the best explanation I can give people when they ask why I want to strap my necessities to the fender of my bike, suit up in leather, wrap my legs around 700 lbs of steel, and hit the open road for hundreds or thousands of miles! To me this is as normal as walking and talking but for someone who has never experienced the thrill of a ride it seems a tad crazy. This weekend I’ll be adding a 35th state to my collection of miles and since people always love to hear my 2 wheel adventure stories I have decided to share them right here! If you have never taken a ride through the wind comment below and next time I happen to be traveling through your state I’ll stop by and take you for a spin!!!

I am currently writing a book, Jessie Lee’s Guide to the Open Road Lifestyle, in hopes of sharing my experience and know how with the millions of up and coming riders out there on the road today. It is my dream to show them how to harness the sense of freedom and confidence that comes from conquering the world on 2 wheels. My dad shared the secret with me over 25 years ago and it was the best thing he could have ever done. Now, 16 bikes and tens of thousands of miles later I want to pass this key to happiness along to the world.