Next June Join Me…..

Here I am driving across Iowa five days and 1 million memories later. This is the third year in a row I have spent the third week of September in Silverton Colorado. Maybe 3’s my lucky number … This year’s visit was not only fueled by the fire of the blaze orange aspen trees in all of their fall glory, but also by a meeting with an organization called the Steelhorse Sisterhood. This group of women wind warriors are hosting a women’s motorcycle summit in Silverton next June. Through some mutual friends we have become connected and I am now helping with this awesome event. There will be women from all walks of life gathering in the San Juan mountains for a week of education, riding, scavenger hunts, adventures, great food, and even a little dancing in the street! The Rocky Mountain Woman’s Motorcycle Summit will be divided between Durango and Silverton Colorado with many destinations in the surrounding areas. Any and all skill levels are welcome to attend along with anyone who may be interested in becoming a rider but hasn’t taken that leap into the saddle just yet. The ride down the infamous Million Dollar Highway is worth the trip a lone but there will also be inspirational and educational speakers to help us all learn a little something about life on 2 wheels. There are teams forming for moto rally challenges all over the mountains, points are earned for making it to certain locations and taking selfies with your bikes. The Steelhorse Sisterhood will be providing some meals for the week and there are host hotels in each town. The best part about it is getting together and sharing our love of 2wheels, our passion for adventure and freedom, and our unbreakable bond of Sisterhood driving us to empower one another to succeed in life by concurring our fears! Remember ladies, S.T.R.O.N.G. Women Ride!!! This could be the chance of a lifetime to meet new friends, hone your skills, and take on the world while rolling the mountains on motorcycles! I don’t know about you but I’m gonna climb that mountain! I’m gonna help others make it to the top! I’m gonna make friends and memories that last a lifetime!

The Steelhorse Sisterhood is a charity organization and the money raised at this event will go towards an educational grant to help someone further their life and have hope for the future. For more info on the organization and the events visit